1. I saw a lot of different kinds of men in Maine last week. 


  2. Quick sketch of some cool lady I saw while shopping for hats online!


  3. Updated my site with some new work. :)
    This stuff is from the new Landlady album that I worked on. Enjoy!


  4. The new Landlady album I illustrated is out and you can get it at Rough Trade Records!


  5. Got a birthday aura photograph at Magic Jewelry in Chinatown and I feel fiiiiiine!


  6. Tove Jansson the maker of Moomin. 


  7. Today is the first day that Parlor Coffee opens the doors of its new Roaster on 11 Vanderbilt Ave. Open Sundays, 10-4pm with a free cupping at 3pm! They are the very nicest and best dressed people who also happen to make some damn fine coffee. Here’s the sign I designed and illustrated for them. 


  8. Jane


  9. Here’s a GIF of me working on my computer. 


  10. Just bought a couple of these giant children’s color pencils and they are amazing. Now I just need a giant pencil sharpener.