1. Beatrice Wood lived to be 105, she attributed her longevity to “chocolate and young men”. She also produced some beautiful lustrous glazes. 


  2. Sad palm sketch. 


  3. Art for Landlady’s upcoming album Upright Behavior
    The band just released a new track on Pitchfork today.
    Big mention to their label Hometapes for zeroing in on me for this project!


  4. Warm up doodle.


  5. Getting real with @parlorcoffee . Such a fun project!


  6. Illustration for Education Week. 


  7. Sketching freedom.


  8. This little guy is part of a series that’s hitting the internet next month. 
    Watch this spot yo! 


  9. Tormented Toby in Toothpaste Tones.
    Based on a photo by SCakes


  10. Sundays with Toby