1. Some female figurines from yesterday’s time in the Brooklyn Museum. 


  2. Seeing what the line wants to do. 


  3. I had no idea I would enjoy painting a file cabinet but thanks to AD Jaci Kessler at Businessweek, I discovered that I did and I do. Check out this week’s issue to see some fashion, office bits, and leaves I painted. 


  4. I forgot about this guy, hiding in my sketchbook. 


  5. It’s a truism in public policy that every solution breeds a new problem. School choice has created new possibilities for families desperate for better options, but it can also create serious access challenges for disadvantaged families.”

    My illustration for Robin Lake’s article about the complications of school choice, featured in Education Week. Thanks to AD Vanessa Solis.


  6. Oh Oh my! Here’s a cluster of sketches I sent to Lucky Peach for their latest issue. It’s on the shelves now so get your dirty fingers all over it! All of this eventually became this. As always, shout out to AD Walter Greeeeeeeeen for keeping me in the mix. 


  7. These two appeared while I was using this paper for testing colors. Welcome welcome! 


  8. The latest issue of Lucky Peach is on the shelves and (holy shit!) I got to be a part of it. Illustrating Anthony Bourdain’s stream of conscious story of his formative years on the east coast had me beaming/binge listening to the Kitchen Confidential audio book. As always, thanks to AD Walter Green for passing on the fun. 


  9. A page from the sketchbook. 


  10. I was asked to make some nice Tumblr fodder for Big Boi and this is what I came up with. Yeah!