1. These two appeared while I was using this paper for testing colors. Welcome welcome! 


  2. The latest issue of Lucky Peach is on the shelves and (holy shit!) I got to be a part of it. Illustrating Anthony Bourdain’s stream of conscious story of his formative years on the east coast had me beaming/binge listening to the Kitchen Confidential audio book. As always, thanks to AD Walter Green for passing on the fun. 


  3. A page from the sketchbook. 


  4. I was asked to make some nice Tumblr fodder for Big Boi and this is what I came up with. Yeah!


  5. I saw a lot of different kinds of men in Maine last week. 


  6. Quick sketch of some cool lady I saw while shopping for hats online!


  7. Updated my site with some new work. :)
    This stuff is from the new Landlady album that I worked on. Enjoy!


  8. The new Landlady album I illustrated is out and you can get it at Rough Trade Records!


  9. Got a birthday aura photograph at Magic Jewelry in Chinatown and I feel fiiiiiine!


  10. Tove Jansson the maker of Moomin.