1. Erik was working on some 3D projects when I came home last night, a liiiiittle bit drunk. I proceeded to take over his computer and ended up making this masterpiece. Erik Blad is a saint.


  2. A drawing about a breakfast from my sketchbook. 


  3. Sketch - Process - Finished.
    This is a project that I did a year ago for a Dutch fashion/homeware line.
    There were supposed to be three in the series and I’m not certain that they ever used this one. In any case, it’s great to return to in now. 


  4. Found this guy hanging out with some old paintings. 


  5. The specific anxiety caused by having to make decisions at the Russ and Daughters counter. 


  6. More time for sketching is appreciated. I know summer is evaporating but yesterday’s J’Ouvert parade made it feel like the season was far from finished. We also learned a new song. 


  7. Some female figurines from yesterday’s time in the Brooklyn Museum. 


  8. Seeing what the line wants to do. 


  9. I had no idea I would enjoy painting a file cabinet but thanks to AD Jaci Kessler at Businessweek, I discovered that I did and I do. Check out this week’s issue to see some fashion, office bits, and leaves I painted. 


  10. I forgot about this guy, hiding in my sketchbook.